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May 01, 2009



I knew a spicy girl was lurking beneath the surface. Thanks for the confirmation.

boho girl

oh no!
i've been revealed.

you're not supposed to make me cry while i am drinking my morning mate!!! oh, by the way...the guy you used to date came over to demonstrate the right way to do it. the mate, that is. ; )

i love you, stace...and am in love with our connection and our children's connection.

lets make out.

ps. let me know when you're ready to head to a spicy baby island to sit under a baby tree.


OMG I am laughing laughing both guys are fun!!!


den, marry me and we will run away to a baby island and drink yerba mate's underneath a baby tree. xo

amy j.

Oh thank you, thank you for linking to that SNL video. I needed that laugh.

You guys are so much cooler than either Madonna or Angelina...hands down.


i want some spicy island love.. put it in a bottle and ship it over baby ;) her funny naughty monkey is my fave too xxx


sus, her naughty side is my fave too... xo


amy, my friend suzanne first showed it to me. i love when she says "my boyfriend was born an old man and is now turning into a baby".

the girl who plays her just kills me.


denise is one of the funniest people i know and super sexy too. glad to see that side of her is finally revealed :)

Suzanne Leon


You absolutely need to do a final final on this because you two would rock the baby inside of a baby inside of a baby sitting under a baby tree on a spicy baby island where one of your boyfriends was born an old man and is now turning into a baby ...

Love you, Stace.


OH, I am SO GLAD that someone has outed her! (especially her naughty side!) The first time I met her she attacked me in the nicest craziest hug I had ever had. She is even deliciously sassier in real life!

SO glad you got to spend time together - lovin' on both of you!


Love the idea of a soul sister :-)


that was soooooo hilarious. thank you for making my night. :D


hilarious! i may have just peed myself a little. i love me some brown, spicy babies from baby trees... on an island. too cute.

so happy to see that your connection is just as strong now that you're living your dreams. doesn't it rock when reality beats our wildest dreams?

love to you both.

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