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May 31, 2009



As a new reader, I thank you for so boldly sharing your dream and encouraging readers to do the same. Yesterday I left a long comment detailing my current dreams, but it seems it was lost in space. It may seem silly, but I even found that inspiring, and blogged about it.

Steps I've taken so far: I called a friend and read her your post and shared my dreams with her.

I have an appointment on Wednesday at a local women's resource center to consult with someone who can help me formulate a plan to achieve my goals.

I decided to sell some of the possessions that are weighing me down. I'll put whatever money I make towards funding my dreams. I listed my first item on eBay before I allowed myself to go to bed last night.

One foot in front of the other...


i'm so excited for you and this big sounds like the universe is really rallying around you cheering for this dream...simply because you were brave enough to share it!


Oh, I am so deeply thrilled for you! Wonderful news...when shall we get together to discuss?



Great stuff. All my love to you, j!, and Bella!


Oh wow. This really struck something deep inside of me. I have a dream ... a huge dream. But I am so afraid that it won't work out, so afraid because everything has been so hard in the past that it seems that God, the Universe, the what-have-you's do not want me to have my dream. Is it possible that I am standing in my own way? I am even afraid to say this dream out loud (except to 1 person) .... I will work on it. Thanks for being so brave and bold.

I hope and pray that your dream unfolds exactly as it should.


Rite on my darling daughter...hummmm I bought a donut shop you sleeping in the van.... hummmm I bought a 2 1/2 acre home.... Living in Arizona.... Never dwell in the negatives always the postives..You bet do it do it do it.... My Blessings are upon you and my garage awaits as a storage unit.


Oh forgot... I motorcycled across country when I was 53... This about your life. Not mine but hey you are my daughter!!!!


Oh you have really lit a fire here! I love how your courage in naming your big wild dream has given everyone permission to name theirs. I would love to come and visit you in Paris. I haven't been for a couple of years and I am worried that my French is getting horrible and rusty. I have no doubt that you will be there. Once you know it is really your dream and you are entitled to it nothing can stop you.

My dream? Living with my sweetheart in our eco-cottage by the sea with my organic garden, less than an hour train ride to the city. Writing beautiful, inspiring books about how we can all work together to change our world, to make peace instead of war and to learn to embrace ourselves and everyone else with boundless love. Teaching yoga in a little studio perched on top of my sweetheart's vegan, organic Mexican cafe. We have kirtan concerts one night and country bands the next. We raise money for schools in Afghanistan and Gaza and for our local play centre. Some how, in some way, I'm a mother. Maybe of my own biological children, maybe adopted, maybe fostering, maybe just nurturing and caring for the children and inner children in my community and who I encounter around the world. I go back to Afghanistan and to Gaza to encourage and support my friends there and to write stories to share with the world about how they are each changing their own worlds one day at a time. Pretty simple, huh?

I've started with the eco-cottage by the sea, the organic garden, the community yoga class and - as you know - I'm writing that book, however long it takes me I am writing that book.

Love you!


i am so proud of you on so many levels. you inspire me so tremendously - my gratitude is really off the charts!

more soon. xoxoxo


oh stacy~
this is awesome!
i love how much unfolds when we start to lean into the magic.
your life is a beautiful reminder of that!


if you find any tricks that are new pertaining to moving to france, please let me know.

we would love to move back there in the future as i lived there for 4 years and my partner for 15. we loved it and life there is lived at a much different pace, we lived in provence. we moved back to america in 2005.

our son was even born in aix-en -provence! his birth certificate is french but france gives him no right to live there.

as far as we know if we moved back there we would not even be able to get electricity.
it is all attached to your bank account and that is attached to your employment or the
huge amount of money you need to bring when you live there for a year; over 30k.

i was never able to get a visa and was illegal for the entire time i lived there, we paid in cash for our sons birth and i was never able to have a bank account, a drivers license or anything in any legal sense.

my partner had a carte de sejour because previously he was married to a french girl and had rights but when that ended boom! back to america. it was really sad for us.

the economy is socialist and there are no jobs, they monitor your bank accounts and you pay tax off that. for me the experience of living there was magical but the red tape awful.

maybe things have changed. maybe there is an easier was we didn't know of.
my man is fluent in french and owned 2 very successful business there.

we would love to find a way to get back there one day!

i wish for you and your family an easier transition than i had. hopefully there is new way of doing things.

only goodness to you!



I read the previous post and wandered around for awhile with a tingly feeling throughout my bodymind. Give voice to my dreams? Do I dare? Or is it: How dare I? I know the power and have some pebbles of magic from previous dreams in my pocket (and on my vitae) but they seem small now.

Yes, I am daring ... because then I cannot hide anymore and have to tend to these babies ...

Well, one dream: to spend a semester or a year in Scotland in a lovely cottage near a village where my daughter can learn about Nature, community, the joys of Simple living and being in the moment. My husband would be on sabbatical and teaching at a nearby college where we would meet and mingle with wonderfully creative, funny and warm people. (hmm ... guess I am adding to this dream a hope that not all University communities are the same!)

Now my reality is, I am moving my 84 year old mother cross country to be closer to us, so responsibilities will probably mean this dream is Long Range.

So more immediate dreams: I find a way to leave my mind numbing but secure job for a life cobbled together with teaching yoga, art and inspirational classes/workshops that I have longed to take. To tap into a community of like-minded mothers who share wisdom and comfort and tips for parenting mindfully, creatively, artfully and spiritually. That I begin to write the book I wish I had right now: a yoga of parenting. And in that book I not only share my experiences, writing from the heart, I also (I'm going big here) illustrate it with my own artwork (which means I find my creative voice & medium). Oh, and I do this all for me (and my daughter) and take pleasure in the process and let go of the gremlins that taunt me to look up and focus upon the end result.

I am hitting the Post button now ...

Thank you and please, keep the fire on us!


You are so fabulous. I love this. I have taken no baby steps on my dream yet - if you visit my blog, you will see that my most recent entries are those of someone who is kind of drowning in anxiety at the moment - but I want to get out. I WILL get out.

nicole kraft

Oh Stacy! I am sitting here with tears in my eyes and goosebumps all over. You have unlocked something in my heart... You are in my prayers--I support you in your dream! You will get there--I can feel it. And not only have you had the courage to share your dream with the Universe, you are inviting us all to share ours. I read your prior post below and felt intimidated to share my dreams, but after this--how could I not?

So here goes: My dream is to live part time in the US (most likely Portland, OR) and part time in Hawaii (to escape the rainy Northwest winters). My dream is support myself solely from my writing, photography, and art. My dream is to be flexible enough to "unschool" my son. My dream is to write and publish a book. My dream is to travel the world, taking photos of interesting people and sharing their stories with others. My dream is to help inspire and empower other mothers. My dream is to live near and be connected to kindred souls and my true spiritual family.

It's funny, once it's written--it doesn't seem so crazy. Thanks, Stacy. You're awesome.


nicole kraft

Oh, and after reading Stef's dream of driving a VW bus around, I have to add that I'd also like a VW camper (biodiesel) for family trips and to haul around surf boards in Hawaii. :)

Now I'm thinking that I'm going to write a "love letter to the Universe" as my prayer and as a way to let my dreams be known. Thank you again for the inspiration.



i am so excited for you honey, so very excited :-) living your dreams is the stuff for sure or so i am finding ...

love you and can't wait to wrap my arms around you, xoxo


Then pendant in the photo is lovely -- I like the skeleton key charm, of course!

Best of luck to you in following this Parisian dream, my dear!! Everything is within reach. XOXO


Some of my very baby steps.

I spoke aloud to my sister that I would like the crush to like me back. . .hopefully love. Seriously 7 years!

I'm slowly selling things to try and payoff a loan I have so the dream of staying home with my children is more of a possibility.

I know this next step doesn't seem like it is related but it has been helpful. I have been cleaning out and organizing as much as I can to create space for me. I like openness and a lot of space and that has been helpful.

That's what I have for now, and again Thank you so much!


Oh Stacy! Vibrant! Alive! Energetic and jumping up and down with excitement.....for dreams do come true...

It's been proven. Don't say out things loud that you don't want....cause wishes do come true...

i'm already imagining you and Bella walking through the streets in Paris....stopping in your tracks...looking up to the blue skies....breathing in the air of possibilities...and dreams coming true....

i see you dancing writing under the Eiffel tower...with Bella picking little flowers to shower you can hear her giggles from a mile...and Jimmy watching you proudly...

oeeeeee....this is what dreams are made off...have you start packing?! heehee!!!! Gorgeous friend!!! Are you ready!? xx


Hello Stacy, I just ran across this post today. Thank you so much for your very nice comments about my website. Don't get discouraged. Everything is possible. I think the most important thing is to be true to yourself and follow your heart. Dreams really do come true so keep yourself open to the possibilities.

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