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May 12, 2009


denise lynnette

you are yummy.
she is yummy.
she is helping to heal my heart.
so special will each of our connections be.


isn't she a little elfin goddess?
love you both.


Beautiful, beautiful photos.


oh my gosh ... she is so beautiful, like her mamma :-)

and these photos are so loving and beautiful, it is completely apparent how much love there is between denise and bella, so happy for all of you!! :-)


Sweetness beyond belief...


What did you expect from the combination of you and Mr. J? Of course she's beautiful!


Ahh and I got these for mommies day too!!! I am totaly awestruck and I have their DNA!!!


It brings such joy to see these beautiful images. Thanks for sharing!! Hope your First Mother's Day was magical...despite working...


wow, these images are just GORGEOUS; although not too difficult considering how beautiful bella is :)


deni:: "she is helping to heal my heart" that melts me. she is our little elfin goddess. thank you again and again and again for capturing her in this way. yummy you.

carol:: i agree.

dar:: you make me smile. love you. xo

puanani:: thank you. xo

brandon:: you flatter...

mom:: ; )

susan:: these photos helped to make it pretty magical. i am enjoying your blog and your art!! hope to see you soon. xo

pen:: *blush* thank you. xo


Wow!!! these photos are magical!!! Gorgeous..but of course any photos Deni takes results in magic...I think with Bella being the elfin goddess...and little Cedar on the other side...AND their mommies!!!!....wowwww....i can feel the magic! xx


look at those beautiful!


Oh my goodness! These are absolutely breathtaking...and I mean that literally...I sucked in my breath...:-)


Totally gorgeous!!! Denise is great, but she also had a fab subject matter. She & Bella make a great team. Love, love, love the pix! XOXO

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