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June 01, 2009



:-) oh my gosh! yes!! thank you for sharing this, xo


i looooove the book bird by bird :)


thank you for sharing!! that was me as a child. and my dream is to become a writer.


I have a huge crush on Annie.


Isn't it a lovely moment - when we find that in through our isolation, despite our uniqueness and solitary paths we can find communion. I'm so glad Anne spoke to you today. It is a great book. I love it and always think of her brother writing his report 'bird by bird' when I am paralysed by the next chapter, the next article, the next mountain to climb. xxx


God bless Anne Lamott. She is one of my faves.


This book sounds amazing and the passage you shared struck a cord with me. BTW I so love your jewelry, it's on my wish list and I'm saving up to do some shopping. I may have to visit amazon and check out the book.
-Junie (studiopink) (unravelling friend)


i didn't realize someone had written my biography. how nice of her. ;-D


Beautiful post. I need to read that book! roxanne

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