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June 26, 2009



I absolutely LOVE the cumulous cloud kitchen. How could anyone not be creative and fun in that beautiful space?
Love you


Oh my!! Those are lovely pictures and so inspiring! I love to cook too so I'm always wanting to peep into other kitchens for ideas. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for sharing these amazing kitchens!!! One of my favorite kitchens is Jamie Oliver's on the Food Network show-so rustic and perfect!!!




Love the cumulous cloud kitchen and J.O.'s kitchen too! I want to sit in them with a steaming cup of Early Grey tea loaded with cream and sugar and some delicious ginger scones or and just breath it all in!

Thank you for these pics! I'm excited to see how this site evolves.


love this! i love love love kitchens and the more bright, natural light, colors, the this and cant wait to see more! you are so cool.


Oh the kitchen blog is brilliant, thank you. It's the online equivalent of peeking into people's open windows to look at their cooking areas :)

Also, very glad to see you back and looking forward to reading about your new play-projects!


Pixiedust: Yes, Jamie's rustic kitchen is gorgeous. I am sure his will be posted at some point.

Belinda: I know, I am such a voyeur too. ; )


yes, me too, i LOVE the cumulus clouds kitchen. and the rustic one immediately conjures bread and cheese and wine and olive oil...yummmm.

cool idea, stacey. i love kitchens.


oops, sorry about the name misspelling. i have a close friend who is stacEy. :)


Neat kitchen pix even if I don't "heart" kitchens or cook much. ha ha! I like the rustic one best -- so unique! You know me....if it's not take-out, we don't eat (so bad, I know.....) xoxo

boho girl

am so IN LOVE with your new blog.
in. love.
am looking forward to getting inspired.

if i had those kitchens i would SO cook and do a few other things in the kitchen. *wink*

dilly YUM.

doorways traveler

um, i'll take an ooh la la with a side of rustic boho, please.

fabulous concept and clearly you have such a keen eye for the beautiful. i've only had one opportunity to create a kitchen from the ground up and was a twenty-something parenting a newborn and a three year old at the time. not at all in touch with a clear vision. i do hope to have the chance to do it again...and will be coming to you for inspiration!

love that you are pushing yourself creatively and sharing your magic with the world. it's been such a pleasure unravelling and dancing with you ;)

much love, lisa

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