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July 26, 2009



I love my bloomers! I bought a pair last September after a friend had on the most delightful pair at Squam.

I'm in love with Joe's NYC photos, he's playing with light in the most beautiful way.

I'm also really into bobby pins and found some sweet flat, black ones that are just perfect.

Musically, I'm all about Aimee Mann right now.


This is a cute/fun post!

Currently loving:
The smell of fresh paint in my home.

My B-complex vitamins, since they give me much-needed energy!

Hot green tea w/ jasmine!

The yummy subtle coconut scent of my hair repair leave-in by Pureology. Don't need the "repair", but love the aroma!

My flip-flops....all 25 pairs!

The constant smell of BBQ in the air in the evenings because it's summertime.

Oh, and I would really LOVE to see some pix of your bloomers!! XOXO


thank you, love.

um...i gotta see this ben taylor character. sounds like my kinda eye and ear candy!

i'm loving you and some other goodie girls i've connected with this year.

i'm loving new baby hair and smells.

my new hair stylist.

jeans that fit.

malibu rum & pineapple

nataly dawn's quirky covers



pixie love, click on the link for ben in the post. it will take you to my fave song by him.


I have to say you're lovin' some pretty cute things!


Elephants are my favorite, I will have to take a look at Pixie's shop.

I'm lovin' warm nights,
My dog,
A burst of creative energy (can you believe watercolors are finally making there way into my shop? yay!)
I'm lovin' my daughter who is doing wonderfully in her internship working with animals, love, love, love this!
Lovin' quite a bit - thank you for asking...




i'm lovin...
the sunshine!
coffee....(and i'm a tea drinker)
colour little boy calling me!
love love love being a mama! xx


oh i want some bloomers!
and some ben taylor please.

thanks for sharing these love...oodalollie!


Oh, I am lovin' Ben Taylor now...and I've been eyeballing those Malphi bloomers for months too...Perhaps it's time to treat myself...hmmm...

But mostly I am lovin' sitting in my garden with my kids, scrunchin' our bare toes in the dirt and feasting on peas,and berries right off the plants...picking fresh flowers and supper veggies. Ah, luxury...:-)


I just bought a strength print too;)

Hmm I am loving this photo you took and your yummy list.

liz elayne

have loved ben taylor since he sang on the bye bye love soundtrack oh my goodness so many years ago. he sounds so much like his dad and his is such a cutie!

and bloomers. fantastic fun. i've had a pair i love since last year. so much fun to layer with dresses and skirts and aprons. yep. you are going to love them...

Lara Blair

I am currently loving your blog! MPG, Lara, here. Your work is so wonderful---how great to read about your life on this little section of fresh air on the web. I have been struggling trying to find which "category" my own blog is know, "I'm a little bit country/a little bit rock-n-roll" (haha), and it seems that I have found in a kindred spirit in you, my friend. LOVED the interview on Gypsy Girl---honest and true.
Have a great weekend!

Democraps are Losers

If George Bush is an ass, then you're a cunt. Piss Off Loser

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