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July 19, 2009



Loved reading this list. It's like a love letter to your life.

And I had a little tickle realizing that meeting you got you one person closer to #96!

xo Jena


Fun, fun, fun. And now I will work on mine :)

Can't wait for #40! House on a beach somewhere in Kaui -- little Bella Boo Bear (and maybe a little one of my own) running around, making castles, collecting shells and sea glass -- yes.



this is so inspiring! THANK you. i can't wait to get started on my own list!


Ooooh, I will have to think about this... loved reading your list!

Dog-Sledding? How exciting!




Mmmm....can I have some of your olive oil once you make it?? :) I've done #98, but it did not turn out that great. ha ha! Good luck w/ #23. I always wander in yoga when I am supposed to be focused on breathing. Whatever. xoxo


Here's mine half-finished!

1. Learn to live without electricity
2. Grow better vegetables and MUCH better herbs.
3. Grow everything from seed rather than cheating and buying small plants!
4. Become fully vegan.
5. Work or own an indie bookstore for a time.
6. Become better at making remedies from the garden- make that alembic.
7. When retired, sell everything and live in a horse-drawn caravan.
8. Dye my hair with blue streaks.
9. Learn to play the guitar and perform on-stage in a small place.
10. Travel all over Europe using only my wits.
11. Learn to make good stained-glass art.
12. Write a children’s book about forest folk.
13. Build or renovate my own house
14. Learn to identify every single tree and plant that I pass in the morning.
15. Quit my job.
16. Stop being afraid.
17. Get dreadlocks at some point (before the blue streaks preferably!)
18. Do a road-trip from San Diego to Vancouver in a VW camper.
19. Hang out in Mendocino for a while.
20. Work on environmental projects which actually help.
21. Learn a different language and be able to use it rather than forget it.
22. Roast my own coffee.
23. Set up a food co-operative in the community.
24. Move to the forest.
25. Volunteer at the Lifeboat Institution
26. Be able to identify and live off wild food.
27. Have a wood-burning stove.
28. Own my own woodland.
29. Have a child.
30. Treat others with genuine respect and complete tolerance/unprejudice.
31. Make a positive difference to someone else’s life.
32. Take part in the local medieval re-enactments in August.
33. Knit and make my own clothing from raw products.
34. Live in a commune for a while
35. Learn Poker.
36. Own a dog.
37. Drive a pick-up truck.
38. Pick walnuts from the forests in Kyrgyzstan.
39. Swim in the ocean and rivers.
40. Spend 2-3 years living on an sailing boat and bobbing from place to place.
41. Sell my own photography
42. Become confident about myself.
43. Have a 5 minute commute each day rather than 4 hours(!)
44. Go to the squam art workshops.
45. Own chickens.
46. Go to Nova Scotia.
47. Win one game of chess one game.
48. Meet a man with whom I feel equal to on a spiritual level.
49. Walk barefoot when possible.
50. Stop making excuses for myself.

Patricia Dolan

Please email me your home address, I have something to send you.



this is great! I was starting to think I hadn't really done much and then realized I can cross quite a few of those things off your list!!! I need to make my own list now!! MUCHO HUGS


pure wonderment. i love that you created this!!!

Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping



this is fantastic!
i have some of those very things on my list...hee hee!

you are love. joy ignited. pure and absolute passion.

doorways traveler

highly recommend 38 and would like to be a fly on the wall for 48.

love this. got my wheels spinning...



so very inspiring; your list shows the vivid colors of your spirit.

I haven't ventured to make mine, but you are inspiring. thank you for sharing. your blog is so lovely. ever visit proves so for me :)


i love this.


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This inspiring, Bella! I'm gonna make my list as soon as I'm done with this comment. We're certainly on the same page on #21. I apply for cash loans, and need to pay 'em back next week. So it'd be fist on my list. I would love to go to France and Canada as well. And for designing, our house is scheduled for a renovation by next season. I'll be the one to redesign the bedrooms and kitchen, of course. Keep us posted with your progress. Well, good luck!

- Sofia Britts


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