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October 11, 2009



These moments are precious... I look back at those tender moments with my daughter and it is such a treasure, especially now that she is a young lady. This weekend she's helping me put up Halloween decoration, then we'll drink our Mexican hot chocolate while I read to her... 17 years old (18 in December -yikes!) and she still lets her mama read to her - isn't she sweet?

(((hugs))) to you, Bella, and your tummy-baby,


I love this photo so much! And I too love those snuggly, first thing in the morning moments with my youngest. Love this post!


I love that morning cuddle. I wonder when my boys will think they're too old for me smooch all over them. I dread even the prospect of that day.


Sounds divine. I love when Miles comes yawning in to join Ivy and I. "Good Morning", he says, sounding a little like he's from Boston, in his four year old accent. And he climbs up and snuggles in with his sister and kisses her all over. These quiet moments are worth all of the water in the sea...
Thanks for reminding me, mama.

xo p


I am one of those people who have to rush off in the morning, so everything is a whirlwind from the moment I get up - so this post makes me so jealous. : ) What a gift for your family to get to spend that time together.


Neat photo!

Enjoy your special "quiet time"....she's a darling little thing to spend it with, that's for sure. XOXO


Adorable picture of Isabella's tiny hand. :)

Reading about your savoring your time with your daughter fills my heart. xoxo


this is pure bliss! nothing can replace the delight and "homecoming" moment when a child registers her safe base. you are the safe base and this so warms my heart.


i love that special morning time. Auden and I have it's how i made peace with his 4 or 5 am wake-ups. that's precious time together that no one else shares. three days a week we have to rush off to work/day care, but we're up so early we don't have to cut our morning time short. glad you're basking in the glory of these moments.

Patricia Dolan

You write so beautifully.....I share these moments too with Christopher. I wish I had had more time to meet you at Squam. It was a P*L*E*A*S*U*R*E meeting you even if too brief. I remember asking how your daughter was and your eyes watered up. Love that much. I know this too.

You're a gem.


Lovely, lovely, lovely ... I miss you both so very much (sniff sniff)


So sweet. I too remember those sweet mornings with my babes...Yummy.


So beautiful. Makes me remember moments so long ago with my own Bella....they are few and far between with a hard core tomboy at eight, which is why I sneak into her bed after she is asleep and just breathe in her spirit.

Dana Barbieri

This was such a sweet, sweet post. I was led here via your article on wishstudio. Thanks for that by the way. Enjoy your precious moments with you little one.


I so share the joy of snuggle mornings with my little one...

thinking of you...xo

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