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November 29, 2009


Jungle Girl (natalie revie)

thankyou so much for posting this stacie. I have literally just finally weaned my baby girl last week, and have been in full throes of an emotional melt down. Had not put two and two together until i read this post and it fell into place. WOW, post-weaning depression, totally makes sense.

Don't be anxious about taking your much needed space, business will always be there and your baba's peaceful coming is the most important thing. Enjoy it.


Hadn't ever heard of post weaning depression before, but the instant I read the phrase, I knew I'd been through it, with both children. Definitely something that needs more awareness.

I'd echo the other comment re your business, as hard as it is to step away from something that you've poured your heart, soul and energies into, there is always another chance, another time to do business. You'll only ever have this special time with your babe once, and it needs to be savoured and enjoyed. x x


i'm having pre-weaning depression! it's all about the weaners today :) this is a BEAUTIFUL pendant and who couldn't use a little affirmation of courage now and again?

love to you and your sweeties,



oh my goodness...
the courage necklace. wow.
it feels so right and so good and so perfect to have around the neck.
i imagine holding onto it, warming it between my thumb and finger- breathing. remembering. centering.

i lalalalove it.

Lara Blair

I'm excited for you and your new upcoming adventures...beginning with your precious new life in your home! How wonderful and will have some "dreaming new dreams" time when nursing...I always loved that thinking time when feeding the kidlets. I felt powerful in my body to provide it for them and I think it translated to my COURAGE in other areas of my life.

You have tremendous is evident in all that you write. Everything will come when it's supposed to...
Think BIG :)


I love your work. It's beautiful and simple. Have a wonderful break with your family.

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