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January 08, 2010



mia! my daughter is mia too. I believe that a name holds a certain mojo and mia is just so beautiful. and just in case our names play a role in shaping who we are...she is strong and grounded and freespirited at the same time. mia. it's my favorite name.

p.s. I'm with you: vlog, not so much.



serendipity baby. i can't believe we BOTH posted a video about detox (well yours was not just about that but you know what i mean). without even telling one another.

we are sistahs.

; )

you look lovely and i can't wait to snuggle up to that gorgeous belly of yours soon.

i have to be feels so GOOD that we're in this together. cuz i already want to dig into a pizza. or toast and raisins would be cool too.

yes, cedar's leftovers are the hardest thing so far.

love you. proud of you. so excited you'll be helping to guide and support so many other lovelies that need to not feel alone.



You are beautiful, Stacy. Thanks for sharing your journey with GD with us. I really think the info you have shared and are planning to share will be very helpful to people who are concerned with diabetes, be it Type II or gestational.


This really is great. I had gestational diabetes, and couldn't believe it when I started to lose weight in my third trimester. I fully believe that GD is the only reason I gained (only) 30 pounds while pregnant. I wish I stuck to the diet after, but unfortunately I went right back to the carbs. I am really interested in reading more about your experience, because I'd like to incorporate more of that diet into my regular life. Good luck - you look great!


the pic is lovely, you look amazing! you are beautiful!


Hey Stacy,
You look amazing!!! Your gd information could be so very helpful for me - as a diabetic- more info is even better!!
Love the baby's name, Mia.


Thank you for this. I was diagnosed with GD while pregnant with my son (shortly before that I found out I was lactose intolerant to an amazing degree). The dietary challenges are not easy especially when your body is saying 'eat the muffins, you want the muffins'. My Doctors also informed me that because of my family history and such, I would most likely get GD again when we try for our second baby.

Good luck and bless you.

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