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January 03, 2010


Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

I love it! What a perfect choice for the year to come. I also hope that there will be lots of nurturing of you!


oh hun. what a perfect word and sentiment for you! my word is wholeness and encompasses much of this nurturing you speak of. ;-D so love you.


such a lovely way to make changes in a new year.
i'm off to do the worksheet!
wishing you a blessed 2010 too!
my sister adores her necklace. she was bubbling with joy when she wrote me an email saying that she had always wanted one of your creations! what a beautiful synchronicity. i had no idea that she read your blog and knew about you?! i love these "small world" experiences. don't you?!
thank you again.


I love this on so many levels; my head is spinning with ideas for my word of the year---yes, I am wishing you all that you dream of for the coming year---with two babes (4 and 3), my poor husband has lost a bit of my affection and attention---he does deserve a return to the pre-child attention ratio :)

support and hugs,



Stacy - my word is lighten. Lighten up on myself, lighten up on my expectations of other people, lighten up my physical self and lighten the stress in my life.

I understand your word and know that you will succeed.


nicole kraft

I chose the word Trust. I just found out (surprise!)that we're having baby #2 and it really threw me for a loop. Our kids will be just over 2 years apart and I'm feeling a bit anxious about this and many other things it brings up for me. Anyway, I'm focusing my intention on trusting in Divine timing as well as trusting myself as a woman, wife and mother.

I love your word! It seems to fit perfectly for you!

My birthday is coming up in a couple weeks--and I'm asking for one of your custom New Year pendants from my husband! It's just the daily reminder I need!

Take care.

amy rehnae

how excited i am to have found your blog! so inspiring and creative! my word for this year is believe, and i will be placing an order for one of your pendants inscribed with it for sure! yeah!!


beautiful and so wonderfully well thought out ... its a good word honey, xoxox


this is a great post and word. my word for the year is rediscover and it follows many of the same themes as yours! i wrote about it here: happy new year-may it be filled with blessings for you!


such such SUCH beautiful words, beautiful reflections.

my word for 2010 is Fearless. I wrote about it a bit on my blog -

and you just HAD to suggest a necklace (!) ooh, temptation = to Hagen Daz!

Happy happy new year to you - what adventures you have awaiting you!


such beautiful words for both of you - what an awesome year you have as a family coming up. My words for this year are Rhythm and Balance - looking to find and create our own family rhythms, find balance between inside and out, being social and being family, to find my own rhythm and balance between meeting my family's needs and my own.

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