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March 24, 2010



Yum! I really do hope you chronicle your journey in a blog. I will be looking for a link. xoxo


Happy birthday Bella! And good thoughts and smooth transitions for you, Stacy, as you walk the vegan path. I've often wanted to try the raw food diet but like you I can't imagine being all raw food all the time. But really...who says it has to be that way for you or for me? It's such a freeing thought to realise that expectations of perfection can hold us back.


Happy Birthday, Bella!!!


she has the most beautiful eyes - what a darling. Happy Birthday Bella.

Those cupcakes sound yummy. I would be so interested in reading about your vegan journey - I've gone on a lighter version of a similar path - at present I'm just cutting out meat from my diet, largely due to concerns about what might be contained withit (artifical growth hormones and the like), plus a reading a powerful article from Goddess Leone on the stress the animal is under at the point of death and how we take that in when we eat meat. Finally, I know I couldn't bear to watch an animal being killed, so feel it's hyprocritical for me to eat it. I can catch and kill fish though, so am still eating some fish. I've encountered a lot of opposition to my choice (which I don't even think is that drastic!) from my family (parents)- like you I've not made my husband or children join me on the path, it's my choice, not theirs and they are happy for me to do what I want. I would love to read your journey as I am considering taking things further and moving towards total veggie status or even vegan, but, like you, feel that I do have to be quite defensive of my choices. it would be good to learn how others deal with this, to give and receive some support and to get inspiration for ideas for meals as well.


two years? wow. It feels like so much longer - like Isabella has always been here. I think, in many ways, she always has been.

I love what you're doing. I've long worried about the things I eat and I am going to pick up a copy of the Kind Diet so that I can learn more about some of this yummy goodness - and I choose those words purposefully. Love you.xoxo


sending birthday wishes to your beautiful bella and to her beautiful mamma

... and understanding, loads of understanding. you know that i wrote about it years ago, how strange it all was that so many people judged duke and i for eating vegan and how odd i felt about that unexpected aspect and consequence of our food choices. not much has changed and just last night we were talking with a friend about how defensive people get over the food choices we all make and because we make the conscious choice to only eat organic foods, again, we are getting a strange backlash even though we rarely talk about it ... sigh ... i wish i could understand why the choices i make for myself and my family are such an affront to so many people around me.

much love beauty, over here supporting you quietly for whatever choices you make, xoxo


Happy Birthday to your little sweetie. Thank you for including the recipie as I am very curious about veganism. Will be a fun thing to cook my little sweetie who is now 16 and loves to cook with've started her out on a great path!
Best wishes as you approach your last week.
(Mamma of 2 girls and it couldn't be better!)

Kirsten Michelle

Belated birthday day wishes to your sweet girl, mama.
Supporting you whole~heartedly every step of the way.xo


How wonderful to chronicle her life like this.

Kate Courageous

Nothing but total love and support for your choices, knowing that you are an amazing mamma and that you're living from your heart and nothing could be better. ;-)


all love and support for you my friend. i was vegan and got the same strange looks and reactions...but i wouldn't trade that time for the world. it began my path in really conscious eating AND consumerism. in the end, it didn't suit my needs as far being totally sustainable, which is another story, but we all have different paths...and the ones we choose...we are most definitely finding our own way! i love hearing how others find their way, so continue to share.

happy birthday to beautiful bella! what a time...turning 2 and soon to be an amazing big sister.

your cupcakes look divine. YUM.



WHO CARES what's in those cupcakes?? The photos of Bella were amazing!!!!!!! I love, love, love them!!

Is that too much love? NAH!!!

Hard to believe she's 2.....but gorgeous as ever. XOXO

Amy Rufkahr

Those look awesome! I think I'll plan to make those for Stella's 2nd birthday in June. Since she is highly allergic to dairy I'm always on the lookout for new vegan treats. I recently made her Coconut Milk Ice Cream sweetened with Blue Agave Nectar and it's delish. BTW....all the best with your decision to go vegan. I've been debating about doing it to....or at least going dairy free for Stella. We've already switched to Rice Milk and the Earth Balance butter but have yet to find a good substitute for cheese.


Thank you so much everyone for your support.

Nikole, I think it might have to wait until summertime once I launch my new site. I will be documenting until then, however.

Amy, if you can find it near you, might I suggest Daiya cheese.

Their cheese is amazing and taste like cheese!


these sound so yummy and I KNOW Cassidy & I would love trying them but we aren't eating flour. I think Cassidy is allergic to wheat so maybe we could try these with rice flour.....hhhhmmmmm.

Hugs to both of you!


First of all those pictures were completely adorable. As for vegan cupcakes...why would you want anything else? I have never been a fan of cake, but vegan cake I will make an exception for. I love the density and richness of vegan baked goods. I may even try these for Noah's birthday!


Happiest of birthdays, Bella!!! Making cupcakes with your Mommy is the best- they look scrumptious.

Stacy, I also tried a vegan way of eating and I totally support you!!! It is a beautiful and gentle way to feed yourself in so many ways. I had to abandon it because of my rather unpredictable diabetes. I was sad about that, but my body had a hard time responding to the high glycemic choices I kept making in the Fall. (Lots of sweet potatoes and things.) I do love the Kind Diet which is where it began for me. I am considering keeping the mindset, upping my fruit and veggies while being gentle with myself right now. You have so much support in me though, so know that out in VA a soul lifts you up throughout your vegan journey.


I love vegan cupcakes! Vegan cupcakes rule the world! So sweet dear child....

Michelle Shopped

happy birthday to bella! and i've been having a ball playing with vegan baking recipes for several months now (i am a foodie who loves to bake)...some great cookie recipes i've developed (feedback from self and folks i share 'em with!) -- oh and a to-die-for brownie recipe -- yahuh!


Lovely post. I'm an omnivore myself, but completely respect others' food choices and am more than happy to partake in the gluten-free/ vegan/raw fare I may be served. And I'm more than happy to make something gluten-free/vegan/raw for my friends who choose to eat that way.

One thing my grandmother taught me: you can substitute apple sauce for the oil in your baking and it works like a charm - moist baked treats minus the fat.

Happy birthday to Bella! And to you, too, being that it was YOUR day of giving birth.

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Yum! These look fantastic. What a lovely birthday treat

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