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June 03, 2010



I was vegan for about six months before my body rebelled and my gastroenterologist told me to start eating dairy again or every day would be as miserable as the one before it. (And they were, unfortunately, miserable.) It was emotionally difficult to go back to dairy, but I'm still vegetarian a good two years later. I can relate, is what I think I'm trying to say.


thanks for this beautiful, sincere and inspiring post. as someone who toys with the idea of embarking on a similar journey and knows that if she does, she will have to carve out a balance with her partner, her children and her home, reading this helped immensely. xo


i am in awe of your spirit.. our heart... and your words. whether it is about food or little ones or jewelry or people.. you have such a poetic way with words that come straight from your heart. i love that about you xx

Kirsten Michelle

you are a gift and an inspiration.
thanks for sharing this!!!
i adore you.xo

Kate Courageous

Total love and support to you!

I tried being vegan again for 30 days in April and found that the old symptoms came back. So I'm eager to continue learning how it worked for you in light of thinking about how I might find ways to get those symptoms (namely, exhaustion) from being present.

Along the way, I found the most KICK ASS vegan cookbook. EVER. With easy to find ingredients. And flavah!

The vegetable dishes in this book are so flavorful (and so easy!). LOVE.

Congrats on your journey!!!


I loved reading about your journey on the Kind Diet thus far- it is a heartfelt and healthy one. Your experiences about sharing a meal with your husband in a new way echo for me as I "flirted" back in November, but then something happened. I think I was implanting then and didn't know it- that's when the nausea began, on Thanksgiving day when I was on the Kind diet. It never stopped, I kept getting light periods and I thought it was my new diet- alas, it was not. As I go through this second phase of heartache (which you and I have shared about) I may find myself "flirting" again following your soulful example. Love to you, Jimmy and your sweet baby girls. xo

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