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July 14, 2010



yum, they look so so so divine. Am super excited for this new series of yours, as I'm always looking for inspiring new veggie recipes.

I'd seriously consider going vegan, but for one thing: Cheese. Totally addicted, use it all the time, don't know what I would do without it - if you could share what you use instead of or as an alternative to cheese at some point in the future in one of these posts, I'd be v grateful.


Hi Julie! I will most certainly do an upcoming post on cheese. I don't call myself vegan (or even vegetarian) because things like cheese get into my life sometimes and labels are restrictive I find. I certainly know what you mean about loving it so. I have been playing with some cheese alternatives and will be doing a vegan macaroni and cheez post in the coming weeks.


This is a really wonderful idea, and I will look forward to Wednesday posts immensely.

I'm vegetarian but tend to eat vegan foods mostly (my one dairy-fiend is cow's milk, which I just can't kick despite numerous attempts). I have just ordered the Kind Life book though, so maybe I will also make the full leap as well!

I also have a quick query: I'm from the UK and I cannot find anywhere which sells agave nectar. Does anyone know of UK sellers or an alternative I can use in these recipes?


The woodlanders,

I don't call myself vegan because I haven't made the full leap yet. I guess I am more what you would call a weekday vegan.

The Kind Life was life changing for me, hope it helps you too.

There are wonderful alternatives for agave, my two current faves are brown rice syrup and maple syrup. I will be doing a post more about these soon.


Just saw the birthday wish! Thank you, my lovely friend!

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