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July 11, 2010



Hmm, a few of these are also on my list. ;) Take it one day at a time, you'll get there.

Your little Mia is the cutest!


Nancy, send me a link to your list, I would love to see it! Have fun with your's as well! xoxo


so inspiring! reading your list makes me so giddy to start my own.


Ok...I'm going to make a list now too! xo


I love your list! Now I have to do my own. It may take a little while though. Thanks for the inspiration!


oh you make me want to make a list too!!
i love everything you put down.
here are the things i have done and so recommend and support you doing: 1-8-12 (although marginal)16-22-24-29-30-36-42 (former life indeed!)-52-55-58(still working on it)-67-68-70 (they are NOT cuddly tho!)-71 (in the north of Brazil- save it for that trip!)-74-76-77-80-81-84 (i can get around)-94-98

And the rest of your list, I could pretty much add 95% to my own. Kindred hearts indeed!



I love your list,6 months ago I made a 29 Things to do before I'm 30 list, and just today I was reading an article about bucket lists, then I saw a link to yours! May have to go make one



i love that you posted this. i have been working on mine for about 2 weeks. for the first time ever in my life. ive only got to 77 and was feeling bad about it. but hm, maybe ill just stop for now. and p.s.number 11 is my favorite.

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