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July 30, 2010



i can't believe we were both at blogHer 06' i think if i'd known you were there, i'd have had a much better time.

anyway, your new schedule is admirable and something i'm going to talk to my own honey makes sense and with my big exam coming up, i need to have a 'work' schedule so i can study and pass that sucker!!

i also love your new longer necklaces. xo


I LOVE the necklace, and have seriously looked at my budget to see if I could afford it :) (I just implemented a new budget and am already trying to nix it) But what I really wanted to say was my two daughters did the same thing to me. My first daughter made me push myself through school so I would be able to provide a better future for both of us. I had been working full time and going part time to school, but when I became pregnant I knew I had to quickly finish up. When I became pregnant with my second daughter healing myself and coming to peace with my past was what I needed to do to be able to work towards my dreams. I know my own pregnancies definitely helped me to open the floodgates to take chances, heal and discover my own creativity. So I am so glad to read that another womans pregnancy did the same thing.


Not everyone is so generous. Not everyone believes there is enough room for everyone to thrive. Cheers to YOU.


Quite true, my dear. You know I hear you. I don't believe that sharing our knowledge takes away from anything we create and put out into the world. My wish is for us all to elevate each other on our journeys. Art is not a hierarchy. xoxo


I love your generous heart. From the moment I came across your work at Etsy, I knew I wanted to wear your work. I love all the pieces I bought from you and can hardly wait for your book. xoxo

jordan 3

Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to,doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. Do you understand?

Ugg Sundance II

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