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August 18, 2010


Kate Courageous

It was such a pleasure to have you there, my friend!

darrah parker

Kate interviewed me for Across Mediums, too, and I think I had the same reaction when she first asked me. "Who me? REALLY?" I'm so new to making a living as a creative person. What do I know? But I'm learning that we each carry with us wisdom that is unique to us, but may resonate with others. It takes courage to share out journey, but it feels so great to be on this journey with so many other beautiful, creative, courageous souls.

(Btw, when I saw that she interviewed YOU, I couldn't believe I would be in the company of another "mover and shaker." Yup, I guess we all perceive ourselves differently than others perceive us.)


Hell YEAH! (I mean "HECK" yeah, in case Boo and Mia read this). Courage indeed - my sweet friend, you are the embodiment of courageous generous beauty.
Love you hugely!


your honesty and 'imperfectness' is one of the things that has always drawn me to your blog and your art. I think you sound wonderful...


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