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August 07, 2010



That just brought tears to my eyes.
How wonderful that she has a mom who tells her from day numero uno to be who she is.


Melting heart, adorable. I feel like Isabella has grown up so quickly. Just visited the Boho blog and felt the same about Cedar, it's crazy how time flies.

Awesome, purely awesome.


So lovely. I admit, I was half heartedly reading the post at first because I was so taken with how simply sweet your first born is, so wonderful. Oh, Emilio...


Adorable! Such gorgeous children.

Jungle Girl

Oh soo sweet, what a gorgeous dear heart she is. This post just brought tears to my eyes too. Also I love her hair is so adorable, it looks just like my little one's, same curls, length and same parting. Because it's so curly I am loathe to cut bangs so it's always in her eyes, at 2yrs and 3 months she is fiery determined not to wear a clip. Hoping by Isabella's age she will!!


you are the mother i always wanted to be. this is beautiful.


That is the sweetest, most precious grouping of pics and words I have seen/read in so long! How beautiful!


this is heartbreakingly sweet...


Hey.. she is looking straight ahead I love that.. Not down, not over her shoulder.



Oh my God. You have me in tears. Emilio has never asked to hold a girl's hand before. Ever. He has only turned a few girls down. He just felt awkward. I know him. He has never felt as at ease with someone before. Other than his main-squeeze mama, of course. : ) I love how he wants her to lie in the grass and look up at the sky with him. Which, again, I've never seen before. And, of course, it's full-on mama love to boot. Priceless.


PRECIOUS!!!!!! Absolutely precious!



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