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September 01, 2010



my girls have the same little wool star lights in their room. i love how you captured them....


Ruth Hallows

I focus on what matters most to me and to my family. I remind myself, often, that I choose my husband and - together - we are creating a home that is a refuge (a safe place for our children) of peace, love and spirituality.


Wow -I love this post. Really evocative. The sounds and trying so to tune out and tune inward. It was weird. I was home alone today and the tots were all at school. The TV's (yes 2 even though just me home) and the cable went out. I had total silence. It was jarring at first for the first 20 or so minutes but then fort he first time in way too long I felt silent inside as well. Need to do some work for sure on quieting my world.
xoxo Lovely post

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