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September 15, 2010



This was so sweet. I don't know Denise in "real" life... but I have been fortunate enough to pick her soul a bit. She is such a light in my life.. and I giggle as I see her and Cedar's pictures on my vision board awaiting to be placed. You are a lucky woman to know her.. and I love that you allow her to inspire you.


i can't write through the tears.

so i'll just say something totally corny, us style...

you complete me.

Adrienne Conner

I love reading both of your blogs.....DAILY! This post was one of the most sincere, honest and loving posts I have ever read. Your friendship/sisterhood is one of a kind!! Blessings to both of you in your journeys through life! Happy Birthday Denise!!

anna cordes

When I read denise's post on gypsy I just laughed to myself. I was a missionary in china for a year, and one day it started raining and by the time we made it home, we were soaked. so we just played in the rain like children. that year of my life was hard and beautiful, but I do fully believe you'll get to dance in the rain! :)

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