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September 08, 2010



The fact that everything is so unique and you can find something for your bedroom, kitchen or a cute cardigan.

I agree, I rarely buy anything, but what I have bought in the past has been from the sales rack and the Santa Monica store always has huge racks of good stuff (hint, hint). ;)


Nancy, these were taken at the Santa Monica store. ; )


for me it is the utter romance of everything from the floorboards to the big mirrors and little bits of whimsical flounce .. it is romantic right down to the way the scent floats around and how trying something on always makes me feel like a princess for the breathe that i am there. i am so happy that my city is one of the few canadian cities to have an anthro :-)


you know, i never knew what all the fuss about Anthropologie was until i actually went to the store. Oh.Em.Gee
i was out with some blogger friends in nyc and they wanted to shop & take photos. standing in that store for the first time, (and honestly.. it took me a while to get passed the first half) - i don't know.. visually, it's stunning. it's now my favorite place to browse and (occasionally) shop.
~loving your hipstas. you are rockin' that phone cam.


that is my favorite store in the world! i think its the dreamy quality of the store ~ the layout, the housewares and clothes ~ it has a vintage feel that I love. and the clothes are just so feminine and romantic. i have no discipline in there though...its very dangerous for me.

love your photos ~ the really capture the dreamy quality of the store.

Dragonfly Reflections

for me, it's sort of like rummaging through somebody's attic (somebody with really quirky/fantastic taste). we don't have anthro in oklahoma yet, but i've visited them in new york and colorado and their web site and catalogs are always my first stop for inspiration!


i love me some unique - and i have a set of those glasses in my kitchen :)

Adrienne Conner

Anthro has been quite the addiction for a long time! If I won the lottery, I would buy one of everything from this store!!! I also love that if you want help, all of the sales associates are "stylists" so they can help pull a look together and not make you feel intimidated. I have found and purchased some of the most gorgeous jewelry in there and am complimented every time I wear a piece of it. I've been wearing the perfumes from this store for years and I just love them!!!!!


Girly without being overly pinned up/frou-frou; old world and new world collide; styles are classic with added details that make them fresh and unique...and kitchenware!!!! I have had latte bowls from Antropologie for about 10 yrs. now and love eating breakfast out of them every morning! My son, two Mother Day's ago, bought me matching tiny espresso bowls for the latte cute!

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