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September 23, 2010



Love you, simply for being you, so there is no need to apologise for being just that. YOU XO


Yes...stop apologizing. You are living your life...enjoy it! xoxo


this is exactly what I needed today.

thank you.


I know you are not alone in your thoughts here (been there!)
For myself, it took a while to embrace living as a couple to living as parents with an active little girl who loved making crazy messes. "Don't mind my house" was my mantra to guests who came over - for a long time. But. But. I came to realize that with the mess, and the laundry, and unmade beds - my life was so full and lacking nothing.
I'm happy that you are learning to embrace your baby home - because it is a place filled with love.

amy rehnae

totally and completely 150% agree with every single word written here! i tried and tried to be it all to everyone else for so long i lost me in the process, which, ironically was an even bigger tragedy than losing my life partner. but i am me again. finally. an even better me, i think. and at my house you will find dust (cat hair) bunnies blowing down the hallway, unmade beds, also lots of peanut butter sandwiches and frozen pizza suppers, baby dolls "sleeping" on every available surface, dishes in the sink, and and and and...but you will also find art supplies strewn about, and a happy and content mom and little girl. i figure finger painting and art journaling and embroidering and playing barbies and taking naps are much more conducive to memory making than perfectly clean floors and gourmet meals...but that's just me anymore! Oh! and i also found out that those who love me and want to see me are there to see ME, and not my i don't even apologize anymore. i just clear off a space at the kitchen table, make some coffee and offer 'em a peanut butter sandwich! wanna come over? :~)
thanks for your transparency. it means more than you know.
big hugs to you!

Rachel Bee

Oh hear hear!!!

Life is just too short x

Adrienne Conner

I am looking forward to embracing this exact thought process come April of next year when my first baby bundle is born. I just have to tell you that everytime you share a bit more of yourself, it's not only eloquently written, but so real and true and speaks to me in so many ways. Thank you for sharing! We adore you just for who you are so yes, no more sorry, just acceptance!!


I value my sanity more than I value a tidy house.


I needed this post so badly. Why do we have such a hard time cutting ourselves a break? Would we ever judge friends' houses if they weren't photo-ready? No, we'd just be happy to see our friends. I am going to work at adopting your mindset, and just try to let some stuff .... go.


Stacy my friend...reading your post allowed me to take a big deep breath. I'd been stressing about how I was going to get everything done that I thought I need to. Thank you thank you thank you!


Hello, I've been reading your blog for a few months now, I found it through Boho Girl. I just wanted to thank you for putting so eloquently into words how I feel about my own baby home. I didn't quite realize until I read your post that I too have a tendency to inevitably apologize for the mess whenever someone walks in my door, even if the person never seems at all horrified and always reassures me it's not so bad. I was reading a book last night that had a suggestion of, after 8pm, once your children have gone to bed, turning your living space once again into a grown-up room. Put flowers and light candles on low tables, put all the toys and puzzles into toy chests and containers and cover them with pretty throw blankets, etc. I absolutely adore this idea and admittedly it wouldn't be all that difficult but somehow, after giving my son his bath and tucking him in bed every evening, I just always seem to have not a drop of energy left, only enough to veg on the computer for a few minutes or in front of the TV and get myself in bed. But perhaps it would be invigorating to do this. But I wholeheartedly agree with you that it's so important to be gentle with ourselves, as mothers even getting the basics done is a huge feat already, and if we manage even just a little bit more, then all the better. If not, then that's ok too. As you said, sometimes we do manage, and sometimes cuddling on the couch instead of a bath is not the end of the world. Thank you for this post!


You, my dear, are exactly where you should be...Xo.

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