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September 06, 2010



I've picked it up several times but have not bought it yet. let me know what you think...I may have to read it.


Oh! I've wanted to read that book! I read one of her other's "Appetites" and I thought it was really really fantastic. I haven't had any real food issues in my life but have had a lot recent thought over the entire topic of nourishment... so even though her main subject is eating disorders... her words were really easily applicable to all kinds of self destructive or distracting behavior and a lot of what she was saying really hit home for me. I loved the book and would love to hear what you think about Women, Food and God!


ps... thought I should mention that I came across your site recently because of your gorgeous photos and have been checking back in because I love how they give me little shots of beauty and inspiration. :-) Thank you for your posts.


Personally speaking, it didn't inspire me. It seemed...oh, how do I eloquently put a a big, for lack of other words, "DUH!" Maybe I'm jaded a bit, though. I'm a foodie at heart and have learned the hard way myself about the balance between food, God, and self, without the help of another "help" book. And, I didn't really feel God too much in her words, frankly, even though He makes an appearance several times.

Sorry, don't know if that will help you be able to read it any more quickly. I bulldozed through the second half just to say that I finished it. Overall, not impressed...unfortunately...


loving all of these hipstamatic glimpses into your family adventures!

i too am reading women food and god....and taking my time with it too. its freaking transformative to me (and a lot of people) so i think taking it slow is a mighty good thing!

a good friend of mine has gone to a retreat geneen roth ran...its neat to hear real life experiences like the ones in the book. the book holds such simple concepts (like listening to our bodies) clouded with so many of our personal has definitely helped me clear some of those away or at least see through them.

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