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September 13, 2010



This brought tears to my eyes and I am so happy for you. It does take having those babies to understand the deep bond and total love that becomes a huge part of us. And, I am missing my baby girl so much these days even tho she is only a four hour drive away.


yes it is true, they truly tell us our truths xx


OMG...the photo turned out great!!


This is a great picture and your thougths about it are beautiful and authentitc. You are a good writer, Stacey. Being a parent myself I can walk in your shoes. I am so much enjoying my girl growing up. It is AMAZING to see this flower unfolding her petals.


Truly beautifully said.


i have chosen not to parent. it has been a thoughtful and difficult process but one that feels absolutely right for me. i am so lucky to have found a partner that feels very comfortable with a family of two - we both have nephews and nieces we adore and so children are part of our lives.

we are becoming increasingly aware that through school, one becomes a part of a community and so we have had to create this for ourselves. and also those lessons of authenticity and wholeness you so beautifully write about - we need to find ways to give them to ourselves.

neither road is easy :)

i am full of awe and admiration for active, thoughtful parenting that brings out the best in our children.



~what I now believe and connect with more is that our children reveal us~

Yes. There is no way to describe how deeply your words have moved me. You are truly blessed and you are totally aware of what is real for you.


this is inspiring.
and my babes are grown.


This post is absolutely amazing. Your children are so fortunate to have such mindful parents. I truly admire your ability to realize that you do not "own" your children, and that it's not healthy to impose your ideas of who you want them to be...this is a gift, a realization that not many parents can come to. xoxo, Josefina


Getting caught up here tonite has been a lovely way to reconnect with the spirit of you. I love your stories and insights.


I love this so much. I just read the whole thing twice. The part I love the most is where you said that our children reveal us -it is SO true, but I've never thought about it in that way. Thank you for this!

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