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October 07, 2010



awww. this post is my favorite so far. this needs to be a battle cry, love is the perfect replacement.


yes! yes! yes!!!!!!!!

Rachel Bee

Love it Stacey!!




It really is a kind of Revolution!! Back in the day (ever watch MAD MEN!) we had to be perfect. Growing up in the 50's and early 60's your shoes,purse, bow in your hair had to match!!! Sandra Dee and the Gig, I was never going to be!
It was so fun when the late 60's hit and we could just let it hang out. The 70's then back to the 80's and everything matched again, even if it was semi boho, still had that tad of trying to 'fit in' somehow.
I am so very happy for the women of today. They empower each other, they talk of things that should be spoken.
For this I am a very grateful older woman!


love you bunches....


perfectionism can take a flying f*ck.


And so, this post is PERFECT- especially the suck it part. ;) Off to make my own imperfect picture. ((hugs))

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