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October 21, 2010



Stacy, you poor thing! Ouch!! Is it possible you have a mild concussion? My daughter split her forehead open last Spring from hitting her head on a bar on the playground, had a pretty bad concussion and she was very sensitive and weepy for days after. She also felt lethargic and nauseous. Just take good care of yourself, and allow lots of snuggle and resting time while you heal. Hope you feel better soon!


I remember that type of feeling too, when I got hurt or something like that. For me, I think it was a fear of something happening to me and not being able to be there for my girls. Not wanting them to worry about me. I remember crying about it. Crying I think because I felt I wasn't that strong person I wanted to be for them. What would they do without me? It took me a long time to realize it and once I did, along with talking with friends and people, I realized that I'm human, just like everyone else and there are going to be times where I am hurt. I learned to have a back up plan for someone to watch my girls if I had to go to the dr. or something like that. I taught them 911. I explain the best I can to them if something goes wrong or I get a booboo.


I knocked myself out cold two years ago on the liftgate of my jeep. I woke up minutes later to a lot of blood, stars and fortunately, several family members home who were able to help. Miles was unbelievably calm, and soothed me by rubbing my arm as I lay on the couch with an ice pack. An hour later I was driving to Santa Barbara to see Robert Plant and Alison Kraus and what came up for me that I'm sad to report is that I shamed myself for being in a hurry, often moving unconsciously, being in my head. It was a good lesson in grounding when in a rush, which I often am, but I can do without the "I'm such and idiot" talk. Over time, it decreases, but it still stings to hear myself say it inside. I would never talk to my husband or child like that if they hurt themselves.
Sending you healing wishies for your boo boo, love.


bloody hell that looks so sore - it made me wince just to see it.

i was born with a heart condition that is passed on my mothers side of the family. this required open heart surgery when I was 4. in new zealand in 1973, it was the first time the operation had been performed and it was a long ordeal requiring weeks in intensive care and years of aftercare. i have few memories of those years.

i have also be left with a long scar that snakes its way from my side and then under my breast to the middle of my body. it is mostly hidden from view and i also have scars on my heart.

these literal scars have provided a lot of comfort to me when I have felt the hurt of a broken or bruised heart. they make me feel stronger, tougher, able to handle anything. and i am able to feel the hurt as well, i feel very protective of my heart that has been through so much.

taking care of ourselves is so important. that kindness is the lesson i think. and i am sending you this from my hotel where i am staying alone for a few days. i needed to be by the ocean and just breath before heading back to work. i just slept for 10 hours and the sun is rising. there is a big smile on my face.

take care xxx


Kiss and a Kick..Sounds like Irish Yin and Yang my darling daughter I just had to post sorry for making this lite hearted.. You did well and your girls should feel your every movement.. They have trials to observe, defend and hurtle over.

Love, crazy gma Linda


Oh Stacy it does look painful and as soon as I saw the first picture it brought me back to my eye injury almost 2 years ago. I had just broken up with my boyfriend but we still lived in the same house. I was getting a christmas tree because even though we weren't together anymore i still wanted a tree in the house. my brother helped me get the tree to his house but then i had to put it in my car to get it the rest of the way home. i was tying down the tree with a bungee cord and yes, you guessed it, it slipped and nailed me smack dab in the eye. it was the scariest most unbelievable pain i have ever felt. there was no blood on the outside but when i went to the eye doctor there was plenty of blood on the inside. he was kind of mean to me because as I learned later he was so scared the i had detached my retina and was going to need surgery. He sent me to a specialist, who by the way was super cute. luckily my eye healed itself but i too was in a funk for awhile. how could i be so stupid to have an accident like that. i could have done some major damage but luckily all is ok except for a few floaters in my vision. i can relate to your funk and i wish i could give you a big hug. loving you....m


Oh my.. Looks like a shiner for sure. You poor thing.
I so understand pain so deep that you can't react. I stubbed my toe and really believe I broke it.. didn't go to the doc either. My foot is still sore and it's been 3 weeks. I felt pain that radiated to my knee. I too couldn't look to see how bad it was.

Be gentle with yourself.


Oh, ouch. Facial wounds are always so shocking. I am usually in a funk after something bleeding, too. I wonder if it is our bodies' way of making us take it down a notch for a bit after a trauma, to slow down and heal and not get all excited and want to rush around doing fun stuff. Regardless, take really good care of yourself and let your family love you back into health. It's scary to be reminded of how fragile (and strong) we all really are.


Oh wow, that looks painful. Thank goodness it wasn't your eye. Yikes. Fast healing thoughts to you.


Ouchie!!! I remember when this happened from fb posting and was hopeful you were getting some attention soon. These kinds of injuries, crazy accidents, bring out the comic and the contemplative in me as well. Funky is a good word choice too. Pain that intense is overwhelming to the system and I think our minds and hearts have to catch up to it in effect.

I had a not so similar event that left me shaken, strangely uplifted and ended in miscarriage. In February, around Valentine's day, I went through anaphylaxis shock from something I ate in my own home. (Might have been tunafish or the organic mushroom soup or the bread- not able to discern which of all of them brought it about). I did go to the Health Ctr at my university and ended up in the ER room. At one point during treatment when my chest hurt, I realized that I could die that day and there was nothing I could do about it. Strangely, I accepted it and realized I had done the best I could do and that was enough. It's hard to put in words the peace I felt. The sadness hit when a few weeks later we realized I had had an allergic response to my pregnancy- surreal, but it happens.
In the time since these events, I've begun to learn how to let go of some of what I thought I wanted, to make room for new dreams to grow and to love myself exactly as I am. Loving yourself first, is a lifelong process and even harder when you have 2 beloved souls to care for and love through life. You are always worth care and as your husband showed you, such wonderful care it was almost as though you had gone to the ER. Thank you for sharing your story about your eye and the feelings you've been coping with since the pain first hit. xoxoxo


Oh my goodness! That is quite a battle wound.

I've cut the cornea of my eye twice. One while brushing my hair with the little bristle on the brush and the other time with my fingernail. The pain is beyond imaginable. Childbirth is easier and I'm serious lol...Anyway, the second time I had to call 911 because I could not even stand, so embarrassing when the fire dept, ambulance and police come a callin'. I had to be taken via ambulance one to blocks from where I live. I could not drive and they always make sure it is not a domestic assault. Anyway, they put this numbing drop in my eye and verified that the nail scraped my corea. I was prescribed some codeine tylenol and did you know that the eye and inside of the mouth are the two quickest healing parts of the body? The first time I cut my cornea with the flicked hair brush it was a day or two within my heart being broken. Kindly the doctor said I had beautiful blue eyes and deserved better, what a sweet guy. Tough time walking around with an eye patch that now Johnny Depp has made fashionable with the Pirates of the Caribbean :) Anyway, I'm so glad you are okay. The two little meatballs, Isabella and Mia need their momma to rest up. Send me your home address so I can properly send you a nice, cheery card that I had. My email is The comcast account is good too.

Much love to you,


Oh dear! Heal quickly.


yeah, to sort of echo tina's comment, i think it is jarring in a really deep and resonant way to be injured when you are with your kids. no matter how stoic you are at the time, no matter how manageable the circumstances, there is still that feeling of terrifying and seemingly impossible vulnerability -- not so much for you as for them. i once ALMOST passed out (saw stars, black spots, felt dizzy, had to sit) when i was alone with my daughter, and even though nothing happened, for days i was bothered, almost post-traumatic-y. i think the fear of having something happen to yourself while you are caring for your kid(s) is among THE most unsettling experiences a momma can have. in terms of getting through it -- maybe you don't? i mean, i think the fear/stress/anxiety response that lingers for days has a purpose.
anyway -- sorry about your eye. it looks just scary, and i empathize with the pain AND the ickiness. but in a few days it will be, both physically and emotionally, as if nothing happened -- though i am certain you will never again bend down near your bed without pause ;)

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