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October 11, 2010



oh my those chunky baby legs!

Adrienne Conner

I use Kodak Galler. In addition to being free, you can upload photos to Facebook from the site without having to go to FB and do it all over again.


oh man, this new lens was just *made* for cute baby shots :) i'm gonna take some of Wobble today!

how about making a Posterous blog so you can have them all in one place (and post iphone pics directly to the blog, which is what i do) -

LOVE you!

Vanessa Parker

Picasa is a great photo website (by Google) and it's free. They have some amazing tools for editing too =0)


picasa! i loooove it. i see someone already recommended it; i second the recommendation. also, my professional photog friend uses shutterfly, and i used to use snapfish.

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