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November 29, 2010



aw. so lovely.

liz lamoreux

beautiful wisdom here. thank you for sharing yourself...


I still have that little pink paper angel you drew. I think you were amost 3 years old. You hated when I put it on the front of the tree years later. However it meant the world to me. Also the fact we had no money and cranberries and popcorn on thread were our first ornaments.

SEE?? SEE?? I am so glad you found your Christmas again.



ah that's beautiful! I so know where you are with the issue with husband working long hours - we have the same scenario in our house and while my logical brain knows it is necessary so that I can be home for the children (and on days like today where they are both poorly, and I am able to drop everything and be there for them, not be scrambling to arrange cover/care and juggle work) I am truly grateful. But there are other times when I am on my own, they are being, well, children and I long to get away, to have an office to hide in, other commitments that*need* to be attended to so that I have a valid reason not to referee the millionth argument over a toy, or wipe the snotty nose. But, in some ways, to then be able to have that special time at holidays makes it all the sweeter, and I realise how blessed we are.

Your description of decorating the tree sounds just magical, and has made me look forward to the day that we do ours even more. Loved your mum's comment to - we have home-made decorations made by me as a child, which I too, was mortified to have on the tree as a teenager, but which I love having now and which my children find fascinating. I'm sure we will do the same with our children and their creations (and isn't that something to be gratefuul for!)

take care,


I am ever so happy for you - having soul wished fulfilled is such a gift of life. xoxo


Your mom's post made me cry. Thinking of you at Isabella's age just pulled the string on the waterworks. YOU WERE THREE! Gorgeous creature. I have to read your emotional holiday post. I'm betting it will make me cry, too. I love you, sweet sister.


hi there. i enjoyed reading your thoughts.

we dropped out of the ratrace to have more family time. but even now there are days/weeks where he works long hours. overall though we have a ton of time together... if we're willing to accept less cash flow, which we are.
those long hours make the rest of our time possible, yet i find myself wanting him home. it's hard not to want it all :)


so very lovely!


love subtle bigness.


Julie and Pixie. I completely understand my mom in a way now that I was never able to as a teenager hating that she put that up each year. I used to hide that paper angel and she always found it and put it front and center on the tree, without fail, every year.

I so get it now. Absolutely. And I can't wait to make homemade ornaments with Isabella and Mia.

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