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November 04, 2010


darrah parker

Oh, how I relate to the feeling of having my mind in a million different places right now! I've written about 4 blog posts in my head, but can't find the time to get them out of my head and onto the blog. I may have to "borrow" your idea and post some lists of thoughts on my blog.

Thank you for showing up today and for sharing with us.


* this is a powerful list
* with powerful thoughts
* honest thoughts
* which is scary to 'write out'...teehee...maybe you must try to 'draw them out with Isabella....xx
* but brave
* this is a brave list
* you are a brave woman
* random thoughts are great
* love that you love your gift from Jimmy
* love that you love gifts
* gifts are great
* you are great
* short sentences are great too.
* i believe in you
* i am blessed
* to know you xx


Knowing sometimes makes a mother take it upon herself in odd and unexplainable ways. I knew, I knew not what to do.
I am Blessed, You are Blessed. Life is a Blessing beyond a pin point in life.


Thanks for sharing Stacy. I love your list making and look forward to more! ;)


Lovely. I heart lists. nice to meet you!!! found you from denise's website!


lists are good ... I was in need of your kind of sharing today ... thank you!


How did you know exactly what I needed? I have a dozen or more posts in my own "drafts" folder and there have been so many more that I just stopped writing because It just felt like too much. Tomorrow I'm going to try a list. And then I'm going to call you for a playdate. miss & love you, k.


Me again. I've been thinking about you for the past hour or so and wanted to say THANK YOU for your courageous post. You have made this path clearer, easier, and less lonely for the rest of us. Thank you, Stace. I am ever grateful. xoxoxoxo


LOVE your list!!!! What was your gift? And I did know back then. I want a rock that says Asshole! LOL!


thank YOU all. so much.

lynne, nice to meet you too!

kb, *sigh* i miss you and can't wait to see you soon.

tina, a spa day. the rock actually says Don't be an Asshole. I am going to start a grassroots campaign to try and get her to sell them. I think everyone needs one. I know I do! ; )


I love your blogs, I love your pictures and I love your jewelry. But, today...I loved your list. What a great list. Genius, actually. Thank you for bringing yourself to this space in any way your can. Sometimes, as it turns out, any the perfect way.


Your list made me smile, made me sad and made me proud of you. Smiling at the joy you share as you experience joy in Mia and Bella. Sadness because of the raw pain you've felt in relation to food, your worth and your body. I watched Portia on Oprah and I felt what she said in part of me I've struggled with all of my life. Worthiness, self- hate, and food= so many issues. I am sorry you went through this and I want to read her book too. Maybe we could read it at the same time? I once ate only butterscotch krimpets for lunch for over a year and lost so much weight my coach praised me (yeah, that was the way it was on running teams it seems). I am so proud of you for sharing your story- your bravery made me smile and proud. You are supported, loved and understood, dear Stacie. xoxo


The petals look so alive and gentle, a really pretty photo.
Your list is beautiful - you've inspired me to do the same in my journal I've been attempting to keep lately. I've been finding it hard to write paragraphs, so maybe this 'brain-dump' of sorts will link me over ~~~ thank you :)


quite simply...I luv u


You are dynamite. I recently opened up to about me over at - look under the Oct. 26th entry.

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