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November 24, 2010



This was such a beautiful post. So well put and so well deserving. I too am one of those people that feel incredibly sore after a massage. I love massages both soft and thai in nature... but I ache and feel like crap for days. This was good for you and I love how you put it so beautifully.

REST!!! and drink lots of water.


Great story! Rest up my sweet girl and you look 32 not 42 I almost fell over reading that but age is just a are gorgeous!


I hope you feel better now!

Anton Houskeeper

It is nice to put it that way: Thai Massage=Forced Rest, not Forced Yoga. Yes, let's admit it, many people who don't know much about Thai massages label it as a torture of cracking and popping muscles and bones. But it's actually the stress from the everyday use of our bodies that are removed.

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