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December 06, 2010



i am nicely naughty. always nice. always naughty. LOVE this. and you.


just nice. ive had enough of naughty for now. oh and my word! i need to get that to you asap! my bracelet is jingling nicely with two, can't wait for three.


These are too cute...I am definitely feeling naughty today...maybe because it's Monday :-)


What a delighful give away - perfect for any day of the week!
Christine F

Melissa Miller

I'm feeling a little naughty because I'm supposed to be writing a paper for school but instead I'm goofing off on Facebook!


Oh, I've been a bit naughty lately and BOY has it been nice.......:P


I've actually been feeling nice, lately ... I've been planning all of the sweet things I'm going to be baking for my family and friends for the holidays.

I have to admit, it's been tough. The hubby has been having a rough time at work and it's had him in a funk for several months and of course, it's affecting my moods too.

I'm trying to keep a smile on, though because it's the holidays, and I love LOVE this time of year. :)


Oh, I love this charm. Because I am a little bit of both ;)


SHOOT....I'm always feeling naughty this time of if I need more encouragement to shop??? The holidays bring it out even more! ha ha! Pendants are adorable...and so are you! Hoping to see you & the girls again soon.....only next time, we have to trade so you can FINALLY hold my ten-ton Linus! XOXO

Andrea F.

I've been too nice, I am feeling the need to be a little naughty lately!


decidedly naughty :) but naughty with no outlet ends up looking suspiciously like nice - so I guess I go both ways :)


Naughty...because every year I want to run away from all things Christmas and I'm married to a man who LOVES Christmas....every year it is a major dance to balance out the naughty (run away?) with the nice (cooporate??) :)


totally naughty with a good side of naughty. wait...that is a lot of naughty. perhaps i'll add a dose of nice. ;)


I'm feeling naughty but I wish I was feeling nice. :)


love the necklace! I totally feel more naughty than nice! Between the chocolate and shopping for myself here and there...I've been indulging just a weee bit. Merry xmas to me! ;)

Adrienne Conner

What a great fun!! Feeling really nice and can't wait to feel naughty later! wink, wink! Thanks for the opportunity to win this great jewelry piece!!


Naughty - because I should be working right now and instead I'm messing around online! ; )

woot woot!


I am feeling nice today, I have all of my Christmas shopping done and I can't wait to wrap them up for my family!


i'm newly pregnant (about 11 weeks now) and just returned from a midwife appointment where i heard bebe's heartbeat for the first i'm feeling ultra nice today!

Lee Hoover

Oh, but this necklace is gonna be perfect!

Long and not so pretty story made short: Left an emotionally unhealthy marriage,lost my job and my divorce decree came in the mail in the same week, looked for a year and did not find a job, o.m.g. this learning how to date again -- so much has changed!!, went back to school full time to upgrade my skills (gosh, who'd have thought at this age that I could figure out that I can DRAW!?!), a relationship that was good (for a lil while) and not good(for too long) ended badly, finally found a job at much lower pay, back to one-class-at-a-time school schedule, and thinking of sticking my toes back in the dating pool. I am at the point where I am feeling stronger about myself and where I am in my life. I feel that I am coming into my most productive years. And recently I got brave enough to start making eyes at someone, being very reserved and scared oh yes scared, but I am being completely and totally myself, maybe for the first time in my life. He has been telling me that I have "an air of naughtiness." Hence the perfection of this necklace. Yes, nice nice nice, with just a little spice of the naughty. Just perfect, yes, that would be me!


I'm feeling (slightly) naughty because I should be working. (Plus, there aren't enough men in the running for this necklace!)


Naughty! I just finished an hour of hot yoga and I have a ho-made lasagna to dive into so let's face it, I'm going to be naughty tonight.


I go wildly back and forth and am basically nice though. :)


I am feeling sweetly naughty. I couldn't go as far as to say nice because just today I was told that there is a mischievous gleam in my eye and an ornery little smile on my face so I don't think I am fooling anyone.


I'm feeling nice. Got a lot done today!

kelly is 10pm, everyone is in bed and brewed some joe, just so i could indulge in some baileys.



I am feeling nice - nice because i have spent this morning making salt dough decorations with my daughter, nice because I am looking forward to all the excitements of the season, decorating the tree at the weekend, getting in lots of yummy food: nice because in doing all this, I want to make a really conscious effort this year to make it enjoyable for everyone and not get stressed about trying to make it "perfect":: and just a little bit naughty, because it's DH's birthday on Friday and it would be good if I got a present on his birthday by winning this: plus, he'll probably enjoy a little micheivous naughtiness on his birthday - who wouldn't??


My son's 5th bday is tomorrow. I have been smiling from ear to ear thinking about the day he was born. Guess that puts me in the nice category. Thank you for the opportunity to win your beautiful necklace!


I'm in a 'naughtish' nice mood. It has been a long while since I've been able to express my intimate naughty side and I'm starting to burst at the seams! I'm in an especially nice mood these days sprinkled with the naughty that is about to bust loose! I'm seasoning my days with anonymous 'nice' deeds and hopefully one evening soon I'll be sharing the 'naughty' ones! Consider me your poster girl and numero uno candidate to 'truly' wear this necklace!!!!

Seasons Greetings!


i'm too nice to ever be naughty....
so i tell myself...


A little naughty for sure...


Naughty!! I'm en route to NOLA at the moment on our first vacation in 3 years....hence the naughty!


I tend to carry a bit of both around with me, so I'd be flipping it back and forth a lot!! I have a strong mischievous streak so naughty sneaks in in a fun way often. Not destructive, just fun and a bit silly.


i know my husband is hoping for naughty later...heeheehee...
{and i feel naughty just typing that
cause i don't normally say things like that...}


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