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January 10, 2011


liz lamoreux

thank you for this.
like big.
thank you.

(wish i could come over right now with my slippers on and this mug of tea i am drinking and tell you thank you in person.)


Kate Courageous

Over the years, I've seen some of the vitriol that can be spouted when a mother *dares* to suggest that she might need to carve out some time for herself. I think you're amazing for speaking into this and have no doubt that there's another mom out there who needs to read these words and know that she is not alone.


i think the beauty of being a mama is having these moment when you have to turn and run out of the house before some kind of shit show happens...

living full as a mama means there's also times that you need to be alone.

for me, two hours alone (preferably with a friend), is enough for me to recharge and start again.

i'm glad you found some time for yourself.



Yes. it all is ok and you have the right perspective. You are both amazing and loving parents....not all little children are so lucky to have parents such as you. love you both.


thank you!
and spoken so beautifully.
it is true, we need a soul rest.
a re grouping of our heart and mind.
my baby just started pre k and i get 3 hours a day and it is "golden".
i have 2 and love them with all i have but...
momma needs a break!
glad you are seeing that and relishing in it and feeling guilt!
go momma~


ooops, i meant NOT feeling any guilt.
because for some reason, women do.
i am in the process of overcoming that.
good wishes to you!


Wish I were closer, I would be happy to give you a break.

All mamas need friends who love to spend time with adorable babies and kids... I know it hurts on this end to be so far away that I don't get that quality time with my friend's kids and my nieces and nephews!!


Not only is it ok to say it.. Girl it's ok to do it. I have a 23, 17, 11, and 8 year old and even still there are days that I want to put on my Forest Gump shoes and RUN LIKE HELL. there are days that the laundry just seems to rear it's ugly head from the hamper and say, "fuck you I'm always going to be here" or that perpetual stream of dirty dishes that multiply on demand... or the nonstop chatter of kids bickering and selfish tones, and when they get older it's the drone of computers consuming their brains.. or the text message dings that radiate throughout the house and at all hours..

Girl grab your boots -- strap them on on and at times run like hell. It's ok. I promise.


Big 'high five' to you! Thanks for saying what I've been thinking. When we took the kids to the library the other day we got a book called 'Calm Down Time.' It is totally appropriate to Stella and her age (2 1/2). Inside it is a great little story about how to calm yourself if you are feeling angry or upset. The line in the book that is repeated over and over is "1...2...3....I'm taking care of me." I think it is just as applicable to Mamas! We have to take care of ourselves so that we are able to be the best parents we can be.


Not only is okay to say it, it's okay to do it.


Wow, you wrote this post at a time I am feeling so much the same way. Our lives are different (I only have one child, I work full-time outside the home) - but the guilt I feel from needing to take a break, yet the frustration I feel when I'm in the trenches combine to make me feel totally - yuck. Loved this post.


yours is always one of the first blogs i click to when i open my reader; you always speak right to my heart. i am so grateful for your honesty, transparency, and vulnerability.

a beautiful post with a beautiful truth.

sending big love.


i love this...

my kids are 15 and 11
{maybe now more than ever}
i get this...
i totally get it.



I promise you it's okay. Right now I have a 3.5 year old and he can be a total delight and joy...or on the flip side, he can be quite the rotten little monster! I find that I do so much better with him when I have had that time to myself. For me, he goes to 'playschool' two mornings a week and it's bliss. I know I can be a better mama when my own well is full, when I have something to draw from when the moment calls for patience, humor, and compassion!


I'm in absolute adoration of this right on! I am a 24-hour on-call mama with my little crumb, and we also have no sitter, nanny, or family near. Thankfully, my beloved husband and I share the love each and every day, but sometimes, it just feels so good to step away, refresh, recharge and return happy again. I wouldn't trade her for the world, and I'm so lucky to be able to spend every moment with her, but you are right, some days are just freakin' hard! And yes, it's okay to say it!

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