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January 31, 2011



I love my necklace for the same reason: I can touch it and it reminds me to embrace my word - whichever I am showing that day.

I also like the feel of the etched letters as I try to breathe the word deeply into my life.

I have also written about my words a fair amount.

This post made me think that I should do some check ins...


Once again your iphoto's amaze me.

My word for the year is Strength! One of my goals is to learn a new yoga pose that will guide and challenge me to strengthen my mind and body.


i so enjoy your work .. i create paper birds .. post them each friday .. with a word to encourage..


I know this isn't about selling necklaces, but my "Embrace Your Journey" Bella Wish necklace was really my companion the last 2 months.

Even when I could not wear it I looked at it daily! I embraced my wellness journey!

Barb Liszcz

love your word for 2011. I just did a post myself yesterday about my 2011 word. take a peek if you get a chance:

thanks for sharing your mindful thoughts. :)


What a beautiful idea for those necklaces or doing art around the word. I do think having just one word is more powerful, it is bigger. Everything you do can be put up against the word. "Does doing xyz go along with my word?"


i have chosen a word for the last couple of years and quickly forgot about it. this year as i tried to keep my word close, it started showing up for me, in the most needed moments. i don't know what that says but i know that it's true. and that is my word. truth.


my word is 'integrity' and I bought a ring made of three interlocking circles that represent the integration of body, mind and spirit.

I TOTALLY agree that having a word or words is so much different than a to do list-which is what I think resolutions are.

And completely off your wedding set!


my delicious man came up with the best way for me to remember my word. to remind myself it is not a resolution, but a mindset. to be intentional about one way of thinking for an entire year. here is his sageness:

whenever you find yourself at a crossroads, difficult decision, or otherwise not knowing how to respond/act/be/do this year, ask yourself:

what would [enter word of the year here] do?


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