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March 13, 2011



The very first signs of spring here! It feels like an awakening in many respects!

Lovely to hear from you though - and gorgeous photos.


oh my how cute. are you on instagram?
I am piecesofme Jen


all of you: so cute. ridiculous. something good in my life today: chocolate. :)


some things good i am grate-full for: receiving the perfect words at a place of worship this early a.m.; baby spinach salad {with apples, walnuts, raisins, cherry tomatoes + goat cheese} + a cup of tea with a dear*heart; unexpected time between things to wander a bit + finding a used hardback book that wanted me as much as i wanted it; and, an afternoon meeting with a couple i will marry in june.


I changed jobs and finally have the time and energy to do some things for myself. I took a four hour beginners sewing class today and am looking at my pretty new throw pillow I made and feeling content. How nice to be back on my own priority list and get to be creative too!!!


Stacie~~ Yes.. I've got your blog plugged into my reader and I love seeing your updates! Your girls are beautiful and growing so quickly. It's magical to observe from a distance ~ and I know just how you are feeling ~ it's all so much at once, mommy-hood.
Something good? Hmmm. OK, so I went to the flower show in Philadelphia yesterday. The theme was Springtime in Paris ~ and it was ah-mazing. Today, I took a stroll through NYC and had a nice lunch w/ my husband and daughter. A laid back Sunday.
Hope you are doing well, navigating your way to a balanced place that feels right for you. xo


Of course we all still visit! I appreciate ALWAYS your honesty with motherhood!

Kendra B

We are here! we are here! we are here! LOL (guess we've been watching Horton Hears a Who too many times LOL)


I visit!!

Sending you all love!

Something good? I have the day off and the sun is shining and there are daffodils blooming under the magnolia tree in our yard.



Yay! So glad you popped by. We miss you!


breathing out a breath of satisfaction...seeing you here...and giggling because something good in my every day is seeing your beautiful smile, your soft and smooth skin, your curls laying softly on your cheek, your heart in your eyes with love for you two daughters...i see that...(and more..teehee)...every day on instagram..which is like an extra bonus in my day xx


hi! i just found my way here by way of boho girl who i also just discovered. i also have two girls and i really believe that being the mama of two little ones is the hardest our lives as mothers will ever be. it seems we need to expand and contract at the same time over and over again. exhausting and beautiful and such a precious and lovely challenge to meet. my girls are almost 3 and almost 6 and i am so grateful to be entering into this less intense stage of being with them.


i visit all the time but don't always post...
one small but so sweet thing that
popped into my head when you asked what is
good in my life right now
was moments ago
hearing my 11 year old boy ask my 15 year old girl if she needed in the bathroom
he has his shower...
such a small thing but still...thoughtful and sweet...


Visiting :)

I found with my second one, who is only a wee bit older than Mia, that the second one learns sooooo much faster!! I am constantly having to chase after her, where as my first one was always right by my side. It is a very different experience with the second one in my world.

Something good in my world. . . .Lovely weather is here and that has been so refreshing.


lovely post, lovely photos, lovely to hear of your daughter so keen to explore her world.

i am sitting here looking out on an autumnal landscape, wearing the necklace you made me adorned with the single word LISTEN. it makes me happy.

enjoy your day.


my sister left a sentiment on a post-it note on each of our bedroom doors before she left. She also found a video I had been looking for that has my mom on it.


of course we still visit :) i love to hear about another mama with 2 girls...just like me. i wish we could have tea and talk about our lovelies and ourselves...and feel less alone.



I found your blog nearly 5 years ago when I was relocating to California with my (then) one year old daughter. I thought my transition would be eased with stories from other moms in CA and I came across Superhero, Boho and your blog. I check in regularly -- through 2 additional moves now (this time, Bangkok!) and I appreciate what you're doing. When I have the time to browse online, it is nice to visit a place for honest, positive stories. Thank you.


went for a walk and saw a crocus flower. Woo hoo!


holy moly isabella looks like her daddy right now.
my kiddo just started preschool, and i have struggled to keep my blog afloat...there are days when i am ready to bail entirely. as a start, i took a month long facebook break in an attempt to keep my every spare ounce of energy focused on big toddler changes while blogging at random free moments, instead of at my set morning hours, when i am now helping R transition to her new environment. all to say: i hear you, sista.

Patricia Dolan

Hello love,
I check in weekly. Glad to see you've written. Send me your address so I can pop this piece of post in the mail to you.



Yes! We're still here. Lovely post, great to hear you and the girls are doing well.

Michelle Shopped

LOL...if anyone visits here anymore...silly mommy...xo to you and yours (checking in cuz i know there's some birthdays coming up)...good in my world today? popping in to my steadfast bloggers of "old," sporadic as the posts may be and still finding inspiration and smiles...


Reading all of your lovely moments fills me with gratitude. Thank you so much for being here and sharing these with me. xo


From a much older, childless woman, it is lovely to see life thru your eyes. I enjoy your posts, pictures, and the path your life is taking you. Love your candor and honesty.

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Very cute in the instagram.

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