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April 27, 2011


Peter Bangs

An incredible set of photos and adorable kids. The first and last photos brought me near to tears though. y father spent many years, through the 2nd world war and afeter, as a seaman, and spoke often of the excitement of spotting birds flying overhead and knowing you were nearing land. I get called to the sea at times to remember him but couldn't get there recently when I desperately needed to, to mark the second anniversary of his passing. These to photos helped fill a void so thank you.


Ah, the Sea, with her wonderous healing powers. So glad you made it there. (*even, and Especially, in the midst of a muddle*) You've been in my thoughts so much lately - I'm sending you lots of Light, lots of love, and lots of Universal guidance on your path. xoxo


beautiful pictures <3


Mmm, gorgeous Mother she is. And you are, too.

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