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April 09, 2011



love the being kind and present started so young.
i mean really - is that most of our battle.

she is growing up. i love getting to watch all of
your chickadees growing. of course i feel so old.
but i did seem to get my mama start much sooner.

i will have a reply for you soon.


Watching the movie Hop with my youngest and enjoying the special time we had, just the two of us.


children are the best teachers. :)
my son made me laugh today when he came into the bedroom while i was changing, and stated very simply, "ma, i see your boobs." then he walked out.


ruby, 3 1/2, and i in conversation yesterday:
ruby: "is the answer yes or no?"
me: "well, the answer is maybe."
ruby: "maybe's not on my list. it's yes or no."
me: "okay, then i guess it's no."
ruby: "then...maybe's on my list."


When my friend Jes said the fairy she gave me was like her protecting me but not in a creepy way. :) So funny I laughed out loud all by myself in my little apartment.

Midge's Memoirs

accidentally texting the wrong person. Even in embarrassment I can laugh. :)


What a lovely little moment noticed!

let's see... watching my younger son try to drive his plasma car straight out the front door; watching both of them play off each other's silliness at the dinner table; watching the younger one put a hooded bath towel on his head backwards and run around stumbling into things...

So glad you reminded me to stop & notice!


I just posted something on Tina's facebook. Her daughter just got her learners permit. I LAUGHED.. It made me happy.. Then I said you took your driving test in my old Lincoln Mark iv. Could life get any sweeter..


a happy moment today was waking up and discovering your blog.

i love seeing and learning from women who are loving enough to share slices of their lives with the world.. i'm only 17 but i realize that the so called "role models" on television can't even come close to the enlightenment of trying mothers. just the way you talk about your children makes me look forward to growing up and experiencing something similar. so i'm excited to continue reading your blog! thanks!

Patricia Dolan

christopher singing to the Willy Wonka soundtrack and doing his own facial gestures :)

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