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May 18, 2011


lisa field-elliot

you are in your groove, beautiful. lovely to witness.


Make no apologies for things that bring you happiness! I always question technology and things that seem unnatural around us but laugh and accept that I can't change things, so I might as well enjoy them! Also I can't wait to see how your dreadies turn out :) Lovely to see another post from you.


I really like that photo of yours on top. How I wish instagram add love or favorite features and that photo will be my number 1. No kidding!



I love iphoneography too! I was joking the other day how the hip iphone apps can even make my messy living room look beautiful. Gotta love that. :)


these are fantastic...loving them...


Love your pics!


i almost never use my regular camera any more. love that one of you and bella... and the one of the train station is breathtaking and needs to be hanging in a gallery somewhere!!! xoxo

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