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June 28, 2011


darrah parker

This sounds like exactly what I need right now. A cloud clearing retreat sounds delicious. If only I lived near you or you lived near me...

Bracha Jade

Please let me know when...


oh YES. beautifully written and i accept. i would love to.


i think technically, at least according to whole foods, i am local to southern cali. so actually, i would love this. i would love to travel in my caravan to this. if it is written.


i say yes...

yes to cloud clearing
yes to calling truth forward
yes to silence
yes to recharging


Lisa g.

I need this very much. Im on the other side of the country. I need to create a clearing. I loved reading this. I hope you will share more about it in the future.


Yes, Perfect. Thank you.


YES! So perfect.

Kirsten Michelle

YES! trusting i'll find a way to bridge the distance.xo


I soooo need something like this.


This speaks to me! I would love to do something like this.


Sounds wonderful!


oh my gosh, i totally went to girl scout camp here. how wonderful to think that the same wildness can cleanse me at a big girl camp too. great idea!


as i was reading this post, i kept thinking that creating this kind of space for others was a part of your calling. and then i got to the last few paragraphs!

yes, yes, yes. please let me know as this finds its way into being. i feel like i need to be there.

love what kirsten michelle said - "trusting i'll find a way to bridge the distance"

{so far behind on blog reading - catching up now!}



YES YES YES! I would love to go to a retreat like this. :)

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