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June 23, 2011


Amy Rufkahr

They are beauties! How wonderful to have so many of their things. I know what you mean about wishing you would have asked more questions. I was very lucky to have had a close relationship with my Great-Grandmother up until she died at 99. We shared countless hours telling each other stories and secrets. She was the kindest and most generous woman I ever met. She had a quiet, gentle spirit and the patience of a saint. She taught me to sew and bake an apple pie at a very young age. To me she was my Grandma Janie (Stella's middle name is Jane, after her)....but, long before I was born she had this whole other life that is fascinating to think about. She had many struggles growing up and ended up marrying and divorcing my Great-Grandfather 3 times which I'm sure back then was unheard of. I can only imagine what it was like for her....but she survived...she was strong and her spirit lives in me. When she died I was on a road trip and was asleep in the back of the car and I woke up around 3AM and I "felt" her and "smelled" her....all around me. It was strange and wonderful feeling. When I got home later that day I found out that she had died early that morning....most likely the same time I had felt her. I cherish that and feel blessed by it.


Amy, thank you for sharing your story about your great-grandmother and your beautiful connection. She sounds so much like my great-grandmother. xo

Patricia Dolan

Wow... I see their beauty threaded through generations into you and your two delicious meatballs 'Bella and Mia' you...


PS: You are one spectcaular rainbow woman!!


Incredible. What beautiful women and I love the story behind it and your connection and inspiration you take from them. Thanks for sharing!

Michelle Shopped

totally cool, stacey! one of my mondo beyondos has been to create a staged monologue of a character i create and costume and perform it in small, cool venues (historic homes, museums, parks, what have you)-- kind of like the belle of amherst, losing my religion, the belle of holyoke, and some of the other one person plays...maybe someday...just haven't decided on my character and what she wants to i'm off to see if i can find any of your aunt's monologues...but you have a bottomless treasure there to mine!

p.s. can't wait to see your pix next month after your visit to portland!


oh how I love your stories of these remarkable women and how their legacy guides and inspires you. I got chills reading this. thank your for sharing this.


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