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July 21, 2011


Hayley Egan

oh my heart. set up her stuffed animals and take photos of them? holy cuteness.


Um...this is the sweetest thing ever. :)


A three year old took these photos? Wow. You have a talented wee girl there.


My heart is bursting with love for this story, and for the two of you.


oh my goodness this fills my heart full of joy. love this!


I love this!!!!!!!! Yay Bella!


it is amazing how they see every little detail?! Kellen asked for my camera about 2 years ago (he is 4 and a half now) and i also, had to stop and look at the photos. And they are not scared to take a picture of the sky, behind them, or right below them. they literaly just look, point and shoot. We can truly learn from them. We try too hard i think...heehee. xx


Love this and the perspective of the photos. I did this with my grand-niece once and was amazed at the photos. Especially several close ups of her wide open mouth. ;)


When I looked at these yesterday I thought, how adorable.

When I looked today and saw the placements, I thought architect?, engineer?, some sort of space job that hasn't been thought of yet?

I see talent, but with you and Jimmy as parents...What else could I think?

Elizabeth Smith

That first pic of the stuffed animal is precious. Very cool angle, coming from a toddler! I collect everything stuffed animals!

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