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July 11, 2011



I really like this. Thank you. : )


I felt this tug at my heart.

New experiences and possibilities are
all around me. I am currently looking at
colleges for next year.. and none of them
are in state! I will be all on my own soon,
creating a new chapter for self discovery!


muah! perfect. i want to run and hide from open doors of 'uncomfort' right now. just right in these life moments as i type. but you are so spot on.

we are always in choice. choosing to step out or step in. better to be for something than against it. stepping up and in right with you sister, wobbly legs and knock knees and all.


I love what you've said here, and what you've experienced, sister. You are absolutely not adverse to adventure. What I think of most when I think of you, is "Bring IT".
Thank you for being a voice of empowerment.

New shoes for the journey ahead is always a good idea. It's the very first thing I do for myself when I'm kicking it into gear and taking a risk, I even dream about them!

To possibility!

(and why can't I Facebook "like" this post?)


yes! i understand this on so many levels. i'm at a place in life right now where i think "open" is my word. trying to let many paths present themselves to me, and then choose one with acceptance instead of fear. great post!


I love these kinds of posts ... causing me to sit back in my chair and stare into the middle distance, questioning and redefining things for myself ...

For me, the process feels like a spiral movement and comfort zone may be that place where we rest - the pause between the inhale and the exhale - but we cannot live in a pause. There has to be a movement out again- the spiraling forth - followed by a drawing back in and integrating before being ready to step out again. Perhaps the journey is to continually expand our "comfort zones" until we recognize just by being ourselves we are comfort AND infinite potential/change/process. Okay ... too much staring with coffee added ...

and I continue to find myself exhaling and stepping forward ... especially as a mother!
xo Lis


I hate the phrase "comfort zone" too. Too often it's a restriction someone else places on me, like "You need to step outside of your comfort zone to find a man" (which also suggests I can't be comfortable without a man which is not the truth for me at all!). But does that mean I need to be uncomfortable? That I need to force myself to do something I'm not comfortable with just because I think that's who I should be, or someone else thinks that's how I should be?

As you say, I much prefer to be open to be possibilities. Thank you for this post, it really resonated with me. :)

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