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July 24, 2011



stacie, it is so true... and i love what you wrote here. so much of life is being truly present in the moment along with being still enough to discover the beauty that exists among us all, wherever we are in our journey, wherever we may be. beautifully written, beautifully captured!


"yoga for the eyes." oooooooooo i love that. :)


love this. love the hobbit house too. my hubby and i were married on orcas island--it is magical there.
we are in the city right now (seattle) and want badly to "find our place" and settle somewhere that resonates more with us. we're working towards this goal, and it's challenging to be present with the beauty of where we are right now.
lovely reminders, thank you...


Ahhhh.....thank you so much Stacy, for reminding me to stop and take a look around. To forget all the hustle and bustle and see the beauty of what's in front of me. Too often these days, I spend time worrying about things and forget to smell the roses. Thank you.


Gosh I love this project. I'm so inspired to try my hand at capturing these steps. Perhaps the inspiration for this project came to you when you needed it the most. I like to think that's how guidance works ... in the simplest of ways. XO


They all tell a magnificent story.
Thank you for choosing to listen.

You are the teacher I needed today

Account Deleted

Fabulous reminder - I'm so caught up right now I'm not seeing ANYTHING and forgetting even to shoot with my iphone. Thanks for the wake up. And man....that hobbit house <3

Account Deleted

forgot to say - the photos are all wonderful too, it is fascinating and inspiring to see your "ghetto" neighborhood. :)

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