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August 30, 2011



you . make . smile.

thanks you for sending a little hope
that there is a reason "rest" has been
speaking to me.

Kelly Mugford

This photo is breathtaking!! I can just feel the love that only a mother can give!! You're amazing!! Believe in yourself!!!


With my own internet gone for several weeks, I know this feeling of "instagram fixes" and such. But, like you, felt good as time wore on with out distractions. More time to rest. I've been feeling like creating a new web home as well. It seems you and I are both on path of resting in our nest/coccoon before the next transformation. Love to you, sweet friend. XO

Michelle Shopped

can't wait to hear on your new home and crying it out until we're exhausted is sometimes the remedy we need...good work, mama!


such a beautiful picture. poor little lambs. <3

good luck in your new home!!! i can't wait to see it. :)


Legitimate companionship foresees the requirements of further rather than exalt it is usually own personal.

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